API Reference

How It Works

Imagefly is a proxy-based image processing service. Imagefly downloads, processes and returns the resulting image based on URL parameters. Subsequent requests for the same URL are returned immediately by our CDN.

There are three models of integration: Host URLS, signed URLs and 3rd party responsive Javascript libraries. Host and Signed URLs are compatiable with many responsive image JavaScript libraries.

Integration Options


Host URLs provide allow you to simply prefix your existing images when your own Imagefly hostname. Images will then be resized, optimized and cached on our CDN automatically.

Signed URLs

Request signing is better suited for mobile apps or backend server integration. For example, you may want to resize images from a user's private Flickr account to deliver an optimally sized image in your mobile app.

Take a look at the API Basics to how the Transform API works.

JavaScript Integration

You can use any JavaScript library with Imagefly. We recommend Picturefill which is currently being implemented as the official standard by browsers.

See the Picturefill and Imagefly for examples.